Library Research Awards

2012 Recipients

Kristina Tipps and Danielle Darpino Named Recipients of the

2012 Library Research Awards


Graduate Award
Kristina Tipp’s research paper, Forensic Linguistics in Cases of Questioned Authorship was written for her fall 2011 Linguistics class.  The project was nominated for the award by English faculty member Professor Heide Estes. In her abstract Kristina explains that the research paper “outlines a history of the development of forensic linguistics from its roots in contested literary documents to its present use in criminal investigations and analyzes the quantitative and qualitative strategies that linguists use to determine accurate authorship of documents within criminal cases.”


Undergraduate Award

Danielle Darpino’s research paper, Women’s Fashion: Reflections on Culture and Gender, was written for her Research Seminar in American History in the fall of 2011.  It was nominated by Professor Brian Greenberg in History and Anthropology.  Danielle’s paper examines how fashions and styles reflect many aspects of culture in a society, including social, political and economic realities.