Library Research Awards

2017 Award Recipients

Julia Molettiere and Jenna Cupp Named Recipients of the

2017 Library Research Awards



Graduate Award

Julia Molettiere's project, Criminalizing Maternal Drug Use: A Maternal-Fetal Conflict, was completed for NU-508 Factors Affecting Healthcare taught by Dr. Leah Kelly. Ms Molettiere's paper reviews the implications of criminalization of maternal drug use, analyzes relevant literature, discusses key ethical principles, assesses public and private viewpoints, and explores issues related to nursing and public health. She concludes that the encompassing research presents an ethically-laced yet well supported position against the criminalization of maternal drug use.


Undergraduate Award

Jenna Cupp's project titled Mirror, Mirror on the Locker Room Wall: The Relationship Between Eating Behaviors and Body Perception Among Female Athletes, was completed for PY-491: Research IV Thesis in Psychology taught by Dr. Janice Stapley. Ms Cupp's research examined female Division 1 college athletes' eating behaviors and body perception. Her findings suggest that there is less risk of body issues among first-year student athletes and more vulnerability among the lean muscle athletes in terms of their focus on their athletic identity.