Library Research Awards

2008 Award Recipients

Alison Dooley and Katelyn Orr Named Recipients of the 2008 Library Research Awards

For the first time, in the Spring of 2008, the Monmouth University Library has selected two students, Alison Dooley and Katelyn Orr, to receive Library Research Awards.


The program was created to recognize students who demonstrate extraordinary skill and creativity in using library and information resources to complete research papers. Both award winners made extensive use of library resources and collections, demonstrated the ability to select, evaluate and synthesize the infor-mation collected, and showed personal learning and development of research skills.

Alison Dooley’s project, Eunice Rivers: The Economic and Social Factors that Influenced her Involvement in the Tuskegee Syphilis Study was prepared for a Senior Seminar class. Katelyn Orr’s project titled The Compromised Life of a Female Slave was completed for her Civil War Literature class.